Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml - First Harvest & Limited (Robust)

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This rare early harvest extra virgin olive oil is processed when the very first olives of the new harvest are milled on a family estate in Aydin, Turkey.

Zeytin’s Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is monovarietal with Memecik olives and yields a full-bodied taste with hints of unripe almond, green banana, tomato and green grass. Not to mention that it finishes with a nice, peppery zing at the end!

The oil’s nutty aroma is reminiscent of artichoke, green banana and almonds, thereby
enhancing the flavors of bitter green salads, hearty soups and stews, cheeses and red meats when paired together.

Our Reserve EVOO has an acidity of less than 0.2% and a polyphenol count of over 400+, reflected through the highest quality of olives and finest processing methods.
  • OUR BEST PRODUCT - First Day Harvest from Mid-October 2019 - 0.2 Acidity
  • GREAT HEALTH SOURCE & IMMUNITY BOOST - High Polyphenol count of 450+ mg/kg
  • LIMITED TO 500 UNITS for the US Market- Full-bodied fruity taste with strong hints of almonds, green grass, tomatoes and green bananas
  • FULLY TRACEABLE & TRANSPARENT - First day harvest with 100% green olives, pressed under 21 degrees Celsius made from Memecik olives
All unopened bottles can be returned without a restocking fee. Please contact us to initiate a return and we'll send you a return label (buyer pays shipping). Item must arrive in sellable condition. No returns/refunds on open bottles.

No Exposure to Heat

It's a proven fact that contact with heat removes polyphenols (antioxidants) from the olive oil while also reducing flavor and body. Zeytin's olives are never in contact with heat and are always cold processed. That is how we produce premium quality extra virgin olive oil bottle after bottle.

First Day Harvest Only!

99% of our olives are green and picked early to achieve the low acidity of 0.6% that makes our products unapologetically Extra Virgin. The only way we know is to pick the best of olives on the first day of harvest and process within hours to sustain the high standards we set for ourselves!

100% Single Sourced

No blends of different grades, seasons, regions and countries. Our product is single sourced and made from a single type of olives enhancing the flavors unique to our brand. Mixing olives and blending oils from different regions are unfortunately common in the industry but not with Zeytin!

Raw and Untouched

Great extra virgin olive oils do not need to be filtered and Zeytin is no exception. Our extra virgin olive oil is the closest experience to picking the olive right from the branch and eating it with no chemical or physical filtering that occurs between harvest, processing and bottling.

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