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Use Zeytin's EVOO to make the most delicious fish sauce (Directions under recipes)

Finish your pasta dishes with Zeytin's EVOO then they're still warm, just before serving.

Avocados and Zeytin's extra virgin olive oil... need we say more?

Just dip some bread into Zeytin's EVOO dressed with your favorite balsamic vinegar.

Zeytin extra virgin olive oils are perfect for salads! Delicious!

Try this extra virgin olive oil based banana bread recipe! (Details under recipes)

You can even make taco sauce with our extra virgin olive oils!

Drizzle our extra virgin olive oil to finish breakfast plates to die for!

Our Buttery & Smooth EVOO is not only packed with flavors but also certified organic!

Just like avocados, burrata cheese is a big fan of Zeytin's extra virgin olive oils as well!

Our Reserve EVOO is as good as it gets. Lowest acidity of under 0.2% and amazingly fruity with high tones of green bananas, almonds and grass.

Try our homemade granola recipe. (Directions under recipes)

Our awarded Rich & Fruity EVOO will enhance most dishes and compliment your daily cooking!

Sage and Zeytin's EVOOs are two things that marry nicely together to elevate any dish! (Directions under recipes)

A good EVOO is like art, takes years to perfect and is infinitely valuable!

Try our moussaka/musakka recipe for a true Mediterranean staple! (Directions under recipe)

Try this yogurt based soup to warm up in winter and cool down in summer! (Details under recipes)